About the company

Maltatwood business philosophy:

The maximum increase in value added at each production phase, minimization of losses, comprehensive planning and attention to trifles. The company is guided by sustainable development that implies management of the profitable, aimed at a long-term outlook business. We try to obtain that our professional activity made positive impact on social and economic development of the region.

Maltatwood unites 1300 employees who making use of the experience, the companies in achievement of ambitious goals promote.

Structure of the company: 

Maltatwood has the decentralized structure which covers activities of four industrial complexes. Management is performed by managing company, being responsible for strategic planning, coordination and control of activities. 

The supreme executive body within managing company is the board of directors – instance for the solution of key questions of corporate policy, strategic planning and production development, financial and investing activities.

news and events of our company

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