The closed production cycle from procurement of wood before finished product output of international standards of quality. Vertical integration of production processes is result of deep ownership of industry specifics and the know-how estimated for years.

Sawing and Woodworking complex is provided with its own feed harvesting areas Chunsky Kodinsk and forestry.
100 %

- Provision of raw materials own blanks
10,2 ha
- The area of the complex
120 thousand meters3
- Woodworking power complex on the input raw materials
206 workers
- The number of employed workers

According to Maltatwood strategy, every stage in the production chain – from logging to finished goods production – is controlled in compliance with the national rules, regulations and standards and with ultimate responsibility for people’s and environmental safety.

919 thousand hectares
- of the total area of leased forest areas
1911,6 thousand meters 3
- of permitted logging volume per year
200 meters3
- of average timber density per 1 hectare.

Closed production cycle. 100 % processing of timber into commercial products.
Innovative, high-performance complex of primary wood processing operating on the basis of modern technologies and achievements in the field of automation and optimization of sawing, sorting and drying processes.
100 %

- of raw materials for own logging

45,5 thousand hectares
- of the sawmilling complex area.
880 thousand cubic meters
- the capacity of the complex as per raw materials.
- employed workers