Closed production cycle. 100 % processing of timber into commercial products.

Innovative, high-performance complex of primary wood processing operating on the basis of modern technologies and achievements in the field of automation and optimization of sawing, sorting and drying processes.


Production technology

Raw wood sorting and registration as per species, grades and diameters, as well as its further distribution are performed by a TIMBERMATIC high speed line, Finland.
A logging unit is equipped with a USNR automatic milling and profiling line (USA) with a 3D scanner optimization system for automatic sawing with a maximum output as per quantitative and qualitative indicators at feed speed up to 150 m / min.

Green and dry sawn timber sorting by section and quality is performed by the a USNR automated line (USA). Dry sawn timber sorting line is equipped the PRECIGRADER system, produced by LIMAB company (Finland), for sawn timber grading and marking as per its strength in compliance with the EU construction standards.

Drying complex is equipped with VS VALUTEC 2-zone chambers of continuous action of a tunnel type (Finland) with full automation of loading, unloading and drying processes.

Thermal energy for the drying complex and production and economic activity of the whole enterprise is produced in an autonomous boiler house equipped with the boilers running on biofuel.

Waste lumber recycling is carried out by their processing into wood pellets on SPM lines (Holland).

Wood pellets production is certified in compliance with ENplus-A1 standard.


The sawmilling complex produces goods with high consumer properties due raw materials quality and modern manufacturing technologies. It guarantees supplies of a wide range of products for the customers.


The sawmilling complex specializes in the production of edged sawn coniferous wood and wood pellets.


The main raw timber species are Angara pine and Siberian larch.
Raw materials for the saw-milling complex are protected by the company’s own full-cycle supply chain. Timber from own logging units in Severo-Yeniseisky, Motyginsky, Baikitsky, Gremuchensky forestries is FSC controlled.