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 A unique input raw materials:

Dimensional characteristics of the raw materials - root lumber logs up to 40-45% in the composition of sawlogs. The length of the business part of the trunk reaches 20m. with a diameter of 18-40 cm. Raw data characteristics allows to obtain more high quality lumber.

Production technology:

Line traditional cutting of timber on the base frame sawing machines and second-line production company EWD, WDT (Germany) 

Line individual cutting large diameter logs on the base of the head band saw machines and second-line company PRIMULTINI (Italy)

Equipment for processing VEYNIG lumber company (Germany), which allows to produce a wide range of finished products. 

Drying complex - unit batch of cameras MUHLBOCK (Austria), specially designed for drying wood northern species in cold climates.

Total annual drying capacity allows, if necessary, the possibility of processing 100% of its products to a moisture content of 10-22%, depending on the customer requirements;

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The complex is specialized in the production of unique products from Siberian larch.

Products - softwood lumber, moldings, wood pellets.

Markets - CIS, EU, Southeast Asia, Turkey.